Why is 3M stuck on SFI? Because it greenwashes its forest destruction.

UPDATE: Thank you to the thousands of you who have taken action so far. We definitely have 3M's attention! Please keep sharing this petition with everyone you know and help us move 3M closer to responsible business practices!

3M Destroys Forests

3M makes 55,000 different products, including Post-It Sticky Notes and Scotch Tape. While they may be innovative, they are not forest-friendly. Not only do 3M products destroy forests around the world, 3M promotes greenwash by using SFI’s phony eco-label!


Just how bad is 3M when it comes to forest destruction? 

  • Every Post-It Sticky Note in North America is made of SFI-certified paper.
  • Post-It Notes in Europe may contain fiber from old growth, endangered, and illegally logged forests.
  • 90% of Post-It brand products have no - that’s zero - recycled content.
  • Some 3M products are made of trees from the critically important Canadian Boreal forest -- home of the endangered Caribou.

And 3M has the nerve to call itself a sustainable company! Well, 3M, you can’t just destroy forests, slap an easy-to-obtain ‘eco-label’ on your products and call yourself responsible. We’ve given 3M the chance to clean up its act, and its leaders have decided to stick with their destructive, greenwashed business practices. It’s time to turn up the heat.

Together we can apply pressure to 3M’s decision makers. Join us in urging Inge Thulin to become a true leader in corporate responsibility by adopting better sustainability standards and stop greenwashing with SFI.
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