Take action to stop #OilByRail

Oil-by-rail is a new and fast-growing threat to our public safety and environment. In just the last year four oil trains have exploded, killing 47 people in Lac-Megantic, Quebec. And since 2008, tanker cars of crude have gone from 9,500 per year to over 400,000--a frightening increase in risk.

So, does it sound like a good idea to increase the number of oil trains that are rolling through cities and towns all over Canada and the US? Well, if the oil companies have their way that’s exactly what would happen. There are an unprecedented number of oil projects being proposed for the West Coast-- new oil-by-rail terminals and the expansion of railways to oil refineries. These trains would ship explosive crude oil or even dirty tar sands oil to places like Portland, OR; Vancouver, WA; and San Francisco, CA. And sooner rather than later? Vancouver, BC.

The time to act is NOW. Sign our petition to the Governors of Washington and Oregon, who have the power to approve or deny half of the dirty oil projects on the West Coast!

Dear Governor Inslee and Governor Kitzhaber,
Please stand up for our communities across North America that are being threatened by proposals in Washington and Oregon to bring new oil trains through our cities and towns. The shocking oil train explosions over the last year highlight the significant threat to public safety and our environment. We ask for a moratorium on new oil-by-rail permits. This is not just an important local issue for WA and OR, but one that affects the entire continent.

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